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Espacio by Marquis Collection
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The Espacio Collection represents the essence and depth of natural stone with all the advantages of porcelain tile in terms of strength, maintenance, durability… It is stands out for its exceptional versatility and avant-garde aesthetics. In addition, due to its chromatic range – available in grey, black and white – Espacio easily adapts to contemporary decorative projects.


Here you will find the formats and colors available in the Espacio Collection

Espacio White

32x62,5 cm / 12,6’’x24,6’’

Espacio Grey

32x62,5 cm / 12,6’’x24,6’’

Espacio Deco White

32x62,5 cm / 12,6’’x24,6’’

Espacio Deco Grey

32x62,5 cm / 12,6’’x24,6’’

Graphic Development

32×62,5 / 16 patterns – DECO 32×62,5 / 16 patterns


32×62,5 / 9mm

Photo Gallery

Ideas to decorate floors and walls with Espacio Collection