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The Italian essence of terrazzo returns to the forefront of decorative trends with this collection, which reproduces a material composed of small-grained marble chips highlighted with digital material and mixed with cement and ground marble.


The tones are two neutrals (Grey and Cream), suitable for recreating soft and discreet atmospheres, and an intense Dark that gives an elegant rotundity to the space.


Here you will find the formats and colors available in the Luna Collection

Luna Cream

32x62,5 / 12,6”x 24,6”

Luna Grey

32x62,5 / 12,6”x 24,6”

Luna Dark

32x62,5 / 12,6”x 24,6”

Graphic Development

32×62,5 / 20 patterns


32×62,5 / 9mm

Photo Gallery

Ideas to decorate floors and walls with Luna Collection