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Milos is a marble-style porcelain tile with a background of extraordinary whiteness. Due to the subtle presence of veins, Milos reproduces marble surfaces of superior quality. In addition, they appear in a peculiar warm tone that emphasises their high aesthetic qualities, representing purity and calmness.

This white marble concept is used by architects in order to bring spaciousness and luminosity to rooms. Other qualities of Milos are its timelessness and ease of combination with other materials. It goes well with neutral tones (creams, blacks or greys), while in combination with other more intense colours it allows to soften environments.


Here you will find the formats and colors available in the Milos Collection

Milos White

32x62,5 / 12,6”x 24,6”

Milos Deco White

32x62,5 / 12,6”x 24,6”

Graphic Development

32×62,5 / 14 patterns – DECO 32×62,5 / 14 patterns


32×62,5 / 9mm

Photo Gallery

Ideas to decorate floors and walls with Milos Collection