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Mara by Marquis Collection
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Mara is a reinterpretation of the traditional hydraulic tile with a continuous modular pattern. Its design is based on the repetition of a pattern composed of unique motifs that facilitate the configuration of endless surfaces with a powerful added value for interior design professionals.

Mara Collection can be installed as flooring or cladding in all types of interior spaces, exclusively or in combination with other finishes, such as wood, soft stones or neutral cements, and can also be used as a decorative resource for delimiting specific areas.

Mara is presented as a collection of porcelain floor and wall tiles that bases its design on the repetition of a continuous pattern, making it perfect for configuring endless surfaces. Following in the wake of the Mediterranean-style hydraulic pieces that continue to be a top decorative trend, Mara is a perfect choice both to completely cover spaces and to delimit certain areas where attention is to be focused.


Here you will find the format and the design available of Mara Collection


33,15x33,15 cm / 13,1’’x13,1’’

Graphic Development

33,15×33,15 / 1 pattern


33,15×33,15 / 7,5mm

Photo Gallery

Ideas to decorate floors and walls with Mara Collection