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Star Tile



Star Tile is a collection of porcelain tiles in a hydraulic style with a classic geometric design that evokes the beauty of a starry night sky. Stars formed by eight diamonds alternate as a repeating motif with smaller eight-pointed stars, all in luminous white on black, pink, grey and cobalt blue backgrounds.

This starry pattern creates very relaxing atmospheres and stands out with a beautiful contrast against the intensity of the backgrounds.


Here you will find the formats and colors available in the Star Tile Collection

Star Tile Black

33,15x33,15 / 13,1”x 13,1”

Star Tile Pink

33,15x33,15 / 13,1”x 13,1”

Star Tile Grey

33,15x33,15 / 13,1”x 13,1”

Star Tile Blue

33,15x33,15 / 13,1”x 13,1”

Graphic Development

33,15×33,15 / 1 pattern


33,15×33,15 / 7,5mm

Photo Gallery

Ideas to decorate floors and walls with Star Tile Collection